• In an article I recently read, it stated that insecticides are causing illness due to its exposure used to eliminate bed bugs.In my opinion, I believe it is the misuse of these pesticides that is the problem. Instead of getting the help of a qualified pest control operator, homeowners are off to the hardware stores in droves, with the delusional idea that they will rid themselves of these pests. My advice to those people, scouring the isles of the local hardware stores in search of a “quick fix” to control bed bugs…DON’T DO IT! While we all know there is no “quick fix” in the elimination of bed bugs, there is a simple solution. Let the professionals do their jobs. A qualified, licensed pest professional knows how (and when) to use pesticides made specifically for controlling bed bugs. They have the knowledge, training and certification in pesticides and their application.Homeowners, in their quest for a restful nights sleep, may be tempted to purchase insecticides and treat an infestation on their own. I cannot stress enough that this should be avoided. Not only could you harm yourself (or others) if the pesticides are even slightly misused, but in your haste you can actually repel the bed bugs, causing an even bigger infestation.Bed bugs have certainly reared their ugly heads and made a huge comeback in recent years. They have plagued hotels, schools, theaters, multi-family dwellings and single- family homes. Your socioeconomic status means nothing to a bed bug. Bed bugs do not discriminate, they don’t care who you are – as long as you’re willing to lie down and go to sleep, they will suck the blood right out of you.My Name is Nyx; I work for Illinois Bed Bug Dog as a canine detection dog. My handler is Cliff Duple and he has owned A.G.A.D. Pest Control, Inc. (As Good As Dead) for 30 years. Instead of costing you more money in the long run, by attempting the “DIY” method, save yourself some cash and call our office first. Our toll-free phone number is 1- 855.SEND.DOG you can also watch my video at our website at: http://www.illinoisbedbugdog.com

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