Illinois Bed Bug Dog – Summerfest Video 2013

August 8, 2013



Illinois Bed Bug Dog joined the community as they attended Villa Park’s Summerfest the weekend of June 21st.  Detection and extermination team, Nyx and Cliff Duple, demonstrated to the festivalgoers how effective their process is when it comes to finding and eliminating bed bugs.  Crowd members participated in the demonstration and were asked to secretly place enclosed bed bugs into the belongings without Nyx or Cliff having any knowledge of where they might be.  Watch as Nyx uses her finely tuned skills and abilities to search and detect the hidden bed bugs.

3 Responses to “Illinois Bed Bug Dog – Summerfest Video 2013”

  1. David said

    That is amazing! I never knew dogs could be trained to detect bed bugs!

    • Thanks for your comment David! While our dog Nyx can detect bed bugs and their viable eggs, there are other working dogs out there that can detect things like explosives, mold and even cancer! A dogs sense of smell is so much more powerful than a humans but, as you would probably guess, it takes rigorous daily training. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she is a very smart dog!
      Thanks for reading our blog.

    • Sorry it took so long to get back to you David. Dogs can be trained to detect almost anything from mold remediation and peanut allergy’s in hospitals to cancer detection and cadaver dogs, such as in 9/11. A dogs nose is hyper-sensitive to smell. We train Nyx daily.

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